7  Tips to Celebrating Your LIFE…Naturally !

Of course, each one of us can continue through life blaming ‘the other’ for just about everything that is wrong. Or… we can simply choose to take charge of what is rightfully ours…..our life! The choice is simple. The best news is most of the good things in life ‘come naturally’ and better still …are virtually FREE. What works for you…and what doesn’t is entirely within your control. Why is it then that we never find the time to be grateful for the wondrous gifts that Nature has showered us with?

  • Tip # 1 Listen to your body !

There is a very good reason why the mother holds her baby close to her breast or the skilled physician listens carefully to the pulse. They know the cues are always there…provided we are willing to listen. Learning to differentiate clearly between what agrees with us and what doesn’t is simply a matter of keen observation and some patience:-)

  • Tip # 2 Why is it so difficult to hear our own voice?

We live in constant fear of being bored. Being by ourselves (even for small periods of time) is something we learn to avoid. We have been conditioned ‘to step on the gas’ in terms of the things we need to possess or consume or ‘get done’. The amount of clutter we accumulate in order to feel fulfilled becomes apparent only during a spring-cleaning or house-move. All this leads to a veritable cacophony … which deadens our ability to listen to ourselves. If we could just strip the non-essentials away from our overly-full lives. We can regain our ability to see…hear…feel … re-connect with ourselves.

  • Tip # 3 Cues from Nature!

If we took a moment to look around. One thing is patently clear. The bee does not need a road-map to reach the nectar in the flower. The blossoming bud does not need to consult with an external authority. A bolt of lightning does not have to ponder over when and where to strike. And the seasons change … following their own cycle. Everything just happens…naturally. At the right time …for the right reasons. A cue perhaps for our overly busy selves?

  • Tip # 4 One man’s meat is another man’s …

The wheel of evolving civilization has indeed come full circle for us to realize several of the common ‘white’ foods ( refined sugar, refined salt, refined flour and some would even say dairy milk)are nothing short of a general recipe for deterioration. Each person’s constitution is unique. What suits one person does not necessarily agree with the other.  Hence, it is important to find out what is your specific constitution …thru direct & personal experience and in consultation with deep professionals, find out what works …and what doesn’t …for YOU!

  • Tip # 5 When less is MORE!

Researchers have long debated on which food or which exercise regimen might lead to the highest contribution towards longevity. You will be amazed to know they are in agreement on one thing. The single biggest contribution towards a healthy and active lifestyle is eating only 80% of what our stomach can hold. Lets take the time to appreciate what we eat. Lets savor  its looks …its aroma… its texture…relishing all the organoleptics and the wholesomeness. In addition to enjoying each morsel ( or each sip ) perhaps we can briefly contemplate on the generous contributions from Nature that went into preparing the food, at each step of its journey before it eventually came to our table.

The same principle holds for our breath. If we can slow down…and learn to appreciate each breath …the wonder that it represents… we might suddenly discover the sheer abundance of LIFE which has always been there. Literally right under our very nose!

  • Tip # 6 Its a question of ‘balance’ and ‘perspective’ …

Nothing by itself is good or bad. How often have we heard this? So what is amiss? The answer once again lies in Nature. If we can take a moment to note. Each sunrise is balanced by an equal and opposite sunset. Each spring by fall. Each summer by winter. The cycle of life and death repeats again and again. Each at its own time. Each in its own glory. Might this apply to:

* what we eat?

* what we think?

* what we say?

* what we do ( in terms of exercise, hobby and work)?

Each time we eat, think, say or do … we are creating a new reality. Our reality…the only one we have!

  • Tip # 7 Taking charge…NOW!

If the above tips appear to make sense; then the only step left is to act. There will be umpteen reasons why we should leave the next step for ‘tomorrow’. And each time, it would be good to remind ourselves it is ‘my life’ …’my health’ … ‘my well-being’. Why would I leave authentic living for a tomorrow which may never come?

Lets use all the means at our disposal. In addition to listening to cues from nature all around us, the 21st century has given us unprecedented access to knowledge & awareness. The world-wide net makes it so much easier to be in touch with like-minded friends…to seek guidance from knowledgeable practitioners in the fields of mind, body and spirit balance.

Lets take the time to LISTEN to our own bodies, thoughts and emotions.

Lets connect with our real self.

Lets share our experience and learnings.

Lets revel in the wonder that is LIFE.

Let’s celebrate Life…Naturally!

– Jaspal