In the most recent weeks, attended several exciting events*. On 13th November, it was wonderful being present to hear Dr. David Suzuki deliver the Keynote Address at the Annual Convention of Ontario Association of Naturopaths ( The conference theme was Revolutionizing Medicine: The Connection Between the Environment and Health.

David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He is renowned for his radio and television programs that explain the complexities of the natural sciences in a compelling, easily understood way.

Dr. Suzuki is  recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. He is the recipient of UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for Science, the United Nations Environment Program Medal, UNEPs Global 500 and in 2009 won the Right Livelihood Award that is considered the alternate Nobel.

  • Quoting from his book ‘The Big Picture’ Dr Suzuki shared …”what a fascinating time this is…as a species we have come so far so fast that it simply boggles the mind…”
  • In the 250,000 history of the homo sapien we have relied on a key survival-skill unique to our species – i.e. foresight and ability to plan. Yet this is the very skill we seem to be willfully ignoring as we wrestle with the planet’s dwindling resources. Dr.Suzuki underlined the urgency very graphically through the ‘59th minute’ analogy ( of how geometric progression accelerates with each passing minute).
  • Further, he outlined the futility of using GDP as a measure of well-being of man and his home (planet earth)…In ‘The Big Picture’ he continues …”unless we can find a way to live in balance with the natural systems that sustain us, our species will ultimately reach a dead end. That’s the bottom line.”
  • For each one of us (and as a collective, for the human race) …making ourselves ‘aware’ and then exercising a ‘responsible choice’ in every thought , word and action is indeed an imperative.
  • Some thoughts on what we might expect out of next month’s key Copenhagen Summit were shared. Dr.Suzuki made an impassioned plea – Kyoto has to be followed through…if we are to do something …we have to do it NOW!
  • The evening ended with a clear message of hope. Humanity will find the courage to stride forward with confidence … our better sense must eventually prevail.

Excerpts from:

“What we do to nature, we do to ourselves.

Human health and the environment are intimately connected through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Preventing pollutants and toxins from entering our environment and bodies would have a profound effect on the health of ordinary Canadians.

But international comparisons show Canada falling behind in protecting its citizens from environmental threats to their health….

….Health Report Series

This series of five reports on health and the environment–prepared for the David Suzuki Foundation by environmental lawyer David Boyd– looks to provide workable solutions to improve Canada’s poor environmental health regulations.

The Air We Breathe:
An International Comparison of Air Quality Standards

The Food We Eat:
An International Comparison of Pesticide Regulations

The Water We Drink
: An International Comparison of Drinking Water Quality Standards

Northern Exposure: Acute Pesticide Poisoning in Canada

Prescription For A Healthy Canada
: Towards A National Health Strategy

Towards the end of the month as an interesting coincidence… Naturopathy once again caught the public eye through a debate on the pages of the National Post on whether the Ontario government was well advised in its move to permit a greater role for Naturopaths…

Naturopathy a prescription for quackery

Posted: November 24, 2009, 8:30 AM by NP Editor

Scott Gavura, naturopathy

and a befitting rejoinder : “ The power of Natural medicine “ Meghan Walker And Tara Gignac, National Post Published: Friday, November 27, 2009 .Read more:

Once the debates are done…lets get on with it. What matters is first making ourselves aware …and then exercising our choice to lead our life in a way which promotes ‘natural’ good health .The days of merely managing symptoms  through a healthcare system which the planet can not afford are numbered. For more on Naturopathy …click :

Let’s continue to revel in the journey of discovery…and let’s continue to share notes.


Recommended Reading – some of Dr David Suzuki’s books which I picked up at the 13th November event  :

1. The Sacred Balance – Rediscovering our place in Nature’

2.David Suzuki’s Green Guide – HOW TO FIND fresher,tastier,healthier food, CREATE an eco-friendly home,MAKE sustainable transportation choices,REDUCE consumption,and BE a green citizen.

3. The BIG Picture : Reflections on science,humanity and a quickly changing planet.

4. The History of Naturopathic Medicine – a Canadian perspective by Iva Lloyd,ND

*During November : also had the opportunity to :

–          participate in a 10 day Retreat at the Dhamma Toraan Ontario Vipassana Center and

–          visit the 23rd ‘Whole Life Expo’ at Toronto

…more about these events in a subsequent blog