Notes from the ‘Whole Life Expo’ : Metro Toronto Convention Center Nov 27-29

Well-Being & Holistic Nutrition :

  • Information overload …what can we do to cut through the clutter…tips shared…
  • Let us choose our food well. ‘Living’ foods vs. ‘Dead’ Foods … a huge difference
  • “Living Foods’ are those that are as close as possible to their original /natural state…what’s most important is the bio-availability of nutrients and the individual’s ability to assimilate the same ….
  • As Carolyne Dupont recounted in her talk: Enlightened Eating is a practical and inspirational approach to health. A plant-based diet that emphasizes whole, diverse, plant-based, local and living foods is ideal for the wellbeing of the body, the growth of the soul and the health of the planet. We can use awareness to transition to our best diet while balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to create a blessed life”
  • Let us better inform ourselves as consumers …differentiate between … ‘As claimed’ vs ‘As Available’ ingredients present in every food product
  • Jerry Zeifman reiterated …let us hone in on our metabolic type – each one of us is unique! Important to identify our ‘biochemical constituents’ …through first-hand experiments find out what foods suits …we must try and match the regimen to the metabolic-rate of our body…the only sure test …how do you feel 2-3 hours after having any food
  • Quality of food à Quality of cells that the body builds, as it regenerates itself …
  • Dr.Doug Cook‘s talk on Probiotics was extremely well presented …with useful tips on how to differentiate one product vs, another on the basis of the ‘specific strain’ of bacteria used…information which is not always clearly marked on product labels!
  • Of all the kitchen equipment on display …the most impressive was the ‘Vita-Mix’ high power (2 HP) Blender…an indispensible aid to a convenient of building in Raw Fruits & Vegetables in our daily diet regimen.

Well-Being and Lifestyle Choices:

  • Using lifestyle choices ( Veg / Raw / Yoga) as the ‘ground’ on which to build…restoring ‘balance’ ( wisdom of the Essanes) ; as shared by Drs. Miller and Carmos
  • the 3 R principle of Restore / Resolve and Rejuvenate to restore BALANCE was shared by Dr.Mike. He also shared the important criteria called ORAC value to determine the Anti-oxidant power of one product vs. another.

Mind-Body Awareness and Emotional Detoxification

  • A common theme across most speakers was the body’s amazing ability to heal itself !
  • The human body is a like a ‘truth-meter’ ….lets learn to listen-in and trust it …it’s communicating 24×7 ….on how well does it feel even as it does its job of being a vehicle for the soul’s journey thru life…
  • Be aware of the way ‘body-energy’ and ‘food-energy’ mingle …whether a positive synergistic spiral leads us to feel ‘light & active’ and happy …or the opposite with dense energy-fields clouding our thinking and our activities
  • Several sources of ancient wisdom from all parts of the world were explained in an easy-to-understand manner
  • … the imperative to detoxify the body and mind … what each of us can do about it. First of all … we need to educate ourselves and then help in raising the general awareness for the benefit of all beings on our planet

Pollutants  in the environment …and how they accumulate in our body

Dr.Jozef Krop, one of Canada’s best known practitioners of patient-based medicine, having fought for patients’ rights in a landmark case at the CPSO in the 1990s (

“Standard air pollution causes more deaths per year than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and automobile accidents. According to the Canadian Medical Association, 21,000 Canadians died last year from pollution. Hundreds of thousands more required medical treatment. This staggering statistic reveals that society must prepare for an increase in pollution related diseases such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure & cancer”

Dr,Krop gave important tips on which pollutants  should we be worried about, how to avoid them, and how  to detoxify from the daily onslaught of poison that we cannot avoid…”5 mn synthetic chemicals surround us…80,000  are in daily use ! 94 % of foods in the US contain ‘Pesticide Residues’……how bad is the toxic load on our bodies …we are lied to all the time Eg. In a recent Study of 88 toxic chemicals … on avg 44 were found in each volunteer. What is disconcerting is that these are not bio-degradable (degradation can take between 180 days to 40 years or longer). The unfortunate outcome is accumulation at an accelerating pace… and as they pass through the placenta barrier and are also present in mother’s milk we have already compromised the health of our subsequent generations.

In a similar vein , Milena Celap’s talk on “CONSUMER ALERT – THE CHEMICALIZATION OF COSMETICS” shared how thickeners, preservatives, emulsifiers, gelling agents, alcohols, and surfactants are just some examples of chemicals used to make cosmetics and toiletries. To make them more pleasing to the senses, to extend their shelf life and to create the perception that products are doing more than they are. Milena encouraged us to do our own study and learn to discern which of those chemicals are known to have harmful effects on our bodies and why going natural is the only sensible approach. A simple test : the ‘whiter / smoother/ shinier/ intensely fragrant’ the look of the cosmetic …the more likely it is to contain harmful ingredients!

Reference sites:

As I walked away from the ‘Whole Life Expo’ – I marveled at how many people are interested in helping each other. The quest to re-discover the wisdom of the ancients and to find a more natural and less invasive way out of our (and our planet’s) health concerns in the 21st century must continue… and events like the Whole Life Expo are indeed most welcome as they help people share experiences.



References : At the Whole Life Expo, some of the speakers, Meher and/or I were able to attend were:

With Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PT, AP, OMD (Ormond Beach, Florida)

…the amazing ability of the body to heal itself, and the essential tools and nutrients necessary to do so. He talked about how and why our standard diet causes disease ( SAD – Standard American Diet!) …the criteria to select the right supplements. He encouraged  a simple, unique, and sensible action plan to successfully restore health, resolve medical problems, and rejuvenate mind and body.

with Dr. Shawn Miller, DC and  Dr. David Carmos, PhD  (La Jolla, California)

Doctors Miller and Carmos are experts on the reversal of the aging process by ‘preparing the ground’ and ‘resoring the balance’. Dr. Carmos at 70 was more agile and sprightly than a teenager as he demonstrated yoga ‘asanas’ on stage. They talked about the ‘Anti-Density Theory’ – the secret to age reversal…the mysteries of perfect health and human alchemy as revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and taught by the ancient Essenes. They are co-authors of You’re Never Too Old to Become Young, an encyclopedia of anti-aging and vegan health, and The Essene Master – Gospel of Healing

with Julie Daniluk, R.H.N  (Toronto, Ont)

….outlined a practical guide to managing inflammatory illness such as arthritis, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and heart disease with the healing power of food….an overview of what causes inflammation and how to stop it in its tracks using delicious and easy to prepare recipes.

with Doug Cook, RD (Toronto, Ont.)

Choosing an effective probiotic can be challenging. Understanding the ABC’s of Probiotics helps in selecting the one that is suitable for each individual. The role of intestinal flora, digestion, and how probiotics benefit the immune system were covered and the audience was introduced to the “biotics” familyPro, Pre, and Syn and their diverse roles in the human body. Also a general review of the types of bacteria as well as the balance of good to bad. This helped better understand digestion and nutrient absorption will be made easier, as well as methods of suppressing harmful bacteria.

As a lay-person who has been practising for over 15 years, Jerry talked about the “Info overload” …and encouraged everyone to be alert to the “biochemical constituents and burn-rates” …which are unique …and can vary from person to person …each person should thru first-hand experimentation find out what foods suit you …we must try and match the regimen to our the metabolic-rate of our bodies…hone in on your metabolic type…the only acid test …how do you feel 2-3 hours after having the food…

…discussed the foundational raw materials that must be consumed in the right form, quality, and quantity in order to fuel optimal biochemistry. Introduced some foods that can help reverse degeneration and aging, prevent metabolic syndrome, increase energy and vitality, and provide the necessary precursors for endocrine and overall hormonal balance…also,the role of insulin resistance and inflammation as underlying causes of degenerative
with Caroline Dupont, MSc, R.H.N.

Enlightened Eating is a practical and inspirational approach to health. A plant-based diet that emphasizes whole, diverse, plant-based, local and living foods is ideal for the wellbeing of the body, the growth of the soul and the health of the planet. Learn how to use awareness to transition to your best diet while balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to create your most blessed life. Caroline has been teaching an integrated approach to health for over 20 years and is a senior faculty at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is author of the Enlightened Eating book and CD. She teaches nutrition, meditation and yoga, and offers private consultations, courses, and retreats

with Dr. Lee Know, ND

Dr. Know simplified the complexities of the body while explaining how key nutrients and natural compounds can counter the effects of aging and reduce the risk of disease that affects both the quantity and quality of life….the specific nutrients that are able to regenerate the body at the cellular level, thereby improving mobility, vision, and cardiovascular health…how to maintain a highly functional body for the longest period of time. Dr. Know is a licensed Naturopathic physician and the recipient of several awards. 

with Dino Halikas, ND

Health begins with good digestion. If you have heartburn, gas, bloating, fatigue, digestive pain or are gaining weight, find out what natural solutions there are to all the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of poor digestion. Mr. Halikos shared his passion and knowledge of good health that starts in the gut with the use of Probiotics, Enzymes, and bitter herbs. He is a medical biologist and a chartered Naturopath with 15 years experience in the natural health industry and a naturopathic practice in Drummondville, Quebec.

with Jim Pappas

Overcoming health issues and achieving optimum health can be a daunting task. By investing a great deal of time, money, and energy in restoring his own health, Jim learned firsthand how confusing it can be trying to understand the sometimes conflicting messages from different health professionals. In this lecture, he shared his simple yet effective strategies that can help conquer personal health challenges. Discussions centered around diet, nutrition, acid/alkaline balance, exercise, detoxification, supplements, and how to use natural health services wisely.


Several speakers  touched on the importance of the Spirit in healing  :

with Oliver Couto, B.A.Hons  (Stuttgart, Germany)

‘The Sacred Bee’ is an extraordinary 3-part documentary that unites the world’s major religions through the paradigm of the bee. Currently in production, this fascinating film combines science, art, and religion to tell its wonderful story. A rough cut of 30 minutes of Part 1 was shown , followed by questions and answers with the producer/beekeeper/Apitherapist Oliver Couto

with Luciana Stan DNM, MNLP, MTLT

Huna is one powerful way of reconnecting with the source inside each one of us. This was an opportunity to experience the power of these long-hidden shamanic teachings of self empowerment. Previously this information was only available to a restricted circle of Kahunas in Hawaii. Now this information is being made available to everyone so that everyone can realize how powerful he or she is …

with Master Teresa Yeung

Chinese Qi Gong is an ancient art of self-healing practised by millions in the world. Master Teresa Yeung, who received the World Organization of Natural Medicine Award in 2006, and is the only successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu, introduced the concepts, methods, and healing techniques of Chinese Qi Gong. She gave hands-on Qi building demonstrations and sent her Qi to all present to feel the Qi, to re-energize and balance their body. WU & YEUNG QI GONG WELLNESS INSTITUTE

with Abe Hardoon

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah was presented to the world at the beginning of time. Kabbalah is the recipe of how to live a life of happiness and fulfillment, a life free of chaos, disease, and uncertainty.  Kabbalah’s wisdom enables us to be creative, loving, strong, and to  control our own destiny. This lecture introduced some of the basic  teachings of these ancient secrets….further studies can be pursued at the KABBALAH CENTRE TORONTO