Health & Vitality … Naturally !   – Issue # 1 of ‘Friday Gurgaon’published on Aug 27 2011

The Health Connection
By Jaspal Bajwa – RHN(Canadian School of Natural Nutrition)

Urban life can and should be associated with a better quality of life. Yet it is increasingly associated with early onset and rising incidence of chronic lifestyle disorders. The resultant loss of the capacity to enjoy life to the fullest, despite expensive medical interventions is sad. But it does not have to be so. In these series, let us together discover the simple steps we can take to regain control over our lives.
First we must learn to recognize ‘dis-ease’. It all starts innocently enough. Perhaps a few extra kilos around the waist. Or persistent pain and fatigue. Or a mild allergy. Endless cups of tea/coffee or gallons of sugary soft drinks prove to be little more than temporary fixes. Stress-induced binge eating does not help either. Junk foods, sedentary lives and compromised sleep patterns all add up to a heady cocktail. Elevated BP(blood pressure) sets in and the journey down ‘the slippery slope’ starts. It is then left to the spin of the roulette wheel to assign chronic disorders like diabetes, cardio-vascular compromise, a stroke or cancer.
The key question to ask is whether this is a trap from which there is no escape? Or can we through wise choices in fact take control of our own well-being?

Tip of the week:
The body’s own ability to heal itself should never be under-estimated. It can be activated by simple acts like hearty laughter, regular exercise, and going for walks. These activities release endorphins in our brain which strengthen our immune system and enhance a sense of well-being.

Nature’s Wonder Food of the week: Ginger or Zingiber officinale
For centuries, Ginger has been well known as an aid to digestion and to help prevent ulcers. It has a tonic effect on cardiac health and has important anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate arthritis. It is also beneficial for treating travel sickness and nausea and for menstrual cramps. Fresh ginger juice is an excellent detoxifying agent and cleanser for the body. Its warming and immune-boosting properties make it a reliable cold and flu treatment. Chewing of the root can ease sore throat- can also be added to tea. Ginger’s name is derived from Sanskrit singabera(like deer’s antlers).Over half of the world production comes from India. Ginger is a good source of potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B6.

Health & Vitality … Naturally !

For education purposes only; consult a healthcare practitioner for medical conditions